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Film works

Aarne Norberg
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Moscow Negotiations 1939

— Only the truth will set us free. The whole truth, which is always terrible! —
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Most recently Aarne has written the first version of script for the feature film "Moscow Negotiations 1939".

A political thriller on the eve of war.

The World War has started with the German invasion of Poland. Stalin invites the Finns to negotiate on border transfers and military bases. Diplomat Paasikivi's delegation is sent on their journey with insufficient information, bad instructions and old prejudices. The negotiators are doing their best to resolve the escalated situation. Both sides try to avoid war, but they still drift into war. How is this possible?

Your will be done

— The ability to kill makes a boy a man. —
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Aarne Norberg has written the feature film script "Your will be done", which he has adapted into a drama series. The story touches on topical issues: "What happens when modern society crushes the traditional way of life and religious fundamentalism rises to power?"

Coming of Age story & fantasy illuminated by warm humour.

The story takes place in a rural village in Lapland, where the turbulent year -68 changes everything.
The world is in turmoil more violently than ever since the Second World War. Vietnam, Czechoslovakia, student radicalism and political murders creep into people's consciousness. The gap between the generations grows wide and dangerous when the youth's hope for a better world meets the war generation's need to keep everything unchanged. Rock music channels the feelings of a new generation all over the world. It is a gateway to physical and mental freedom. The advent of television brings a restless world into every home.

The production of the project is being negotiated.

Cyklisten — The Bicycle Man

— A short film about faith, hope and cycling —
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On an ordinary Saturday morning Hanna wakes up feeling emptiness in her heart. Fed up with her life she leaves to take her thirteen-year-old son Janne to the football training. On the way there, however, they suffer a terrible accident. And then, in the darkest moment of grief, the Bicycle Man comes up and something unexplainable happens.


The short film Cyklisten by Aarne Norberg won the Venus award for Human Values at the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, in Spain.

The main cast of Cyklisten includes Mervi Jaako, Linus Oscarsson, Jusufi Gazmend and Markku Köngäs. The creative crew consists of cinematographer Timo Heinänen (FSC), production designer Kaisa Mäkinen, costume designer Eeva Iiramo, editor Harri Ylönen and sound designer Svante Colérus.

Cyklisten is produced by Periferia Productions (Finland) with producers Markku Flink and Merja Ritola in co-production with Giraff Film (Sweden) with Anna Björk and Emma Karlsson as producers and with Filmpool Nord (Sweden). The film is written by Kenneth Taavo (Sweden). Cyklisten is filmed in the Torne River Valley in the Swedish Lapland.

The film is financed by AVEK, The Finnish Film Foundation, The Swedish Film Institute and Förening Konstsamfundet in association with Finnish Broadcasting Company – Yleisradio / Svenska YLE. The dialogue of the film is in Swedish, Italian and Meänkieli (which belongs to the Finnish dialects). The running time of the film is 12 minutes.

TV premiere in Finland was in May 10th 2018 on Yle FEM.
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Official Trailer

The filming was wonderful. The characters were odd but endearing. And the storyline was just strange enough to keep the viewer engaged. I appreciated the ending that could have been an alternate reality.
DC Shorts

Jahti — Chase

— A hunting trip turns into a nightmare at the mercy of Mother Nature —
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Four men go on a hunting trip which turns into a nightmare at the mercy of the nature. The Chase is a mythical story from the technological era, where we see four men in their last battle against the nature.


The short film Jahti by Aarne Norberg received the State Quality Support awarded by Finland's National Council for Cinema in 1988.

The main cast of Jahti includes Pekka Huotari, Esko Vatula, Jussi Lampi and Peter Keränen. The creative crew consists of cinematographer Jouko Seppälä (FSC), editor Taru Mäkelä, sound designer Jussi Väntänen and composer Otto Romanowski. The film is written by Aarne Norberg and Jarmo Taimen.

The film is produced by Norberg & Taimen in co-production with YLE TV2, in 1988.
Jahti is filmed in the Liminka Bay wetland area in northern Finland. The running time of the film is 23 minutes.
Chase is a fierce experience.
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Other productions

Aarne Norberg has participated in the co-production and co-financing of seven completed feature films and one television drama (uncredited) during his tenure as an executive director of Villilä Studios.

He has produced, directed and written hundreds of TV commercials and corporate videos.

He has directed & written a TV miniseries Uusille urille aka New Careers for the YLE TV1 in 1991.

Aarne has created & produced the PikaParlamentti format. It was the first interactive TV show format in Finland. Commissioned by the MTV and broadcasted inside the Huomenta Suomi – morning show from 1990 to 1993.

He has directed a TV pilot for drama series Hevosmies aka Horseman for the YLE in 1989.

Aarne has directed, produced, written and filmed a short film Electronic Brain Damage together with Rauno Leinonen in 1984. This experimental live action / animation film was one of the pioneering computer animation productions in Finland. The running time of the film is 11 minutes in 16 mm format.
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