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Filmmaker Aarne Norberg | Film Director – Screenwriter
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Aarne Norberg
After extensive and wide-ranging work in the film industry Aarne is now focusing on feature films and drama series as a director and a screenwriter.

Most recently, Aarne directed the short film Siivooja aka Cleaning woman, which will be completed in spring 2024.

He is currently working with several projects focusing on the painful turning points in the contemporary history of Finland.
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The Bicycle Man directed by Aarne Norberg won the Venus award for Human Values at the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival in Spain.
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Who is he?

Aarne Norberg was born in the small town of Sodankylä, in the middle of Finnish Lapland.

The son of a farmer, he began his studies in electrical engineering at the University of Oulu. But soon he ended up managing a student film club and directing his first short films. He was surprised to find that in making films, he could combine all his gifts, skills and passions.

His most important teacher was the master director Krzysztof Kieślowski, who encouraged him to listen to the actor, to overcome his internal obstacles and to write his first screenplay.
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What does he do?

Aarne has come back to his original ambition, focusing on directing and screenwriting.

Aarne has produced, directed and written short films and more than two hundred TV commercials and corporate films.

He has taught filmmaking and dramaturgy in fifteen media schools and developed the local film industry.

During his tenure as the executive director of the Villilä Studios he participated in co-production and co-financing of seven completed feature films and one TV movie (uncredited).

During the 3D hype era, he worked as a producer for Stereoscape Inc, focusing on the sale of stereoscopic 3D film production services to the Nordic countries.
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Credits: Banner video by Ruvim Miksanskiy on Pexels, Camera photo by Billy Freeman on Unsplash, Keyboard photo by Paul Zoetemeijer on Unsplash.